A: there are some times in my day,that I feel completely empty from inside. I feel I lose the light and get drowned in pure darkness….

B: pure darkness? Have u ever thought about curing it?

A: well..i really don’t wanna consider it as depression. I don’t believe it is depression. Because in comparison with how I used to be in the past, it is nothing. But..i can’t hide that it is still annoying…

B: it doesn’t need to be labeled “depression” necessarily. It can be just a very normal need for talking to someone or having fun ,seeing people, being social…

A: yea. But the point is that I feel trapped. I want to concentrate on my work but I can’t

B: you really have to attach yourself to something so that your mind stops thinking

A: you do realize that it is completely a different issue. Don’t you?

B: yea! But who cares? I am inside you I can change the topic of your thoughts whenever I please!

A: what if I do not please that?

B: you do. You don’t care…

A: what am I supposed to do?

B: stick to your job which is studying. For once in your life(maybe for twice), do something in the best way you can.

A: and what about that need for talking, seeing people..?

B: forget about it. You don’t have time for that

A: don’t I?

B: no.you don’t. unless you wanna be a mediocre in which case I stop advising

A: you are advising?

B:ok , you wanna play words,I am not ready for that

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